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The Gorila FatBalls feature unique Tire Grip™ finish for a firmer hold on those heavier balls! This same rugged, textured surface gives the dead-bounce Fatball an extra layer of thickness, making it stronger and a lot more durable than what's currently available on the market!

Plus, instead of printing a big logo on the ball, we figured it'll be smarter and a lot more practical for you to quickly see how heavy this rubber medecine ball is before you throw it on the ground or lift it on your shoulder!

The slam ball (also called the D-Ball) is a great core and conditioning tool, already used by Functional Fitness gyms, commercial gyms and rehabilitation facilities around the world.

If they ever feel flat, just pump them up with a little air from a bicycle tire needle.

Product features

  • Sold individually
  • Brand: Gorila Fitness
  • Unique Tire Textured finish for good grip
  • Color: Black // White logo
  • Weight: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 80, 100 & 150LB
  • Ball diameter :
    • 10-20LB - 9.5"
    • 25-50LB - 11.5"
    • 80-150LB - 14.5"
  • Tested For Animals
  • Only available at Gorila Fitness
  • 1 year warranty*

*Warranty against failure does not cover any ball which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, or alteration by the user. Customers will be responsible for replacement shipping.



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3 customer reviews

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  1. Excellent tool

    By Everett Sloan of Crossfit Bytown January 19, 2018

    I am more of a strongman than Crossfitter and use sandbags and stones on almost a daily basis. I tried these balls out as my sandbags were always breaking and leaving a mess on my floor. The atlas stones were cheap but would damage my floor, rip up my forearms, and make a ton of noise.

    These fat balls have great grip, make almost no noise, dead drop, and don’t mess up the forearms. They are now my favourite toy to play with.

    Hoping they come out with a heavier version eventually.

  2. Our lastest addition

    By Nick Owner at CrossFit T-R April 18, 2017

    Love those fatballs. So polyvalent they make me think about lots of new ideas for conditionning.

  3. Reinventing Slamballs

    By DomMasterChief Owner at CrossFit Griffintown March 01, 2017

    Love those babies !
    It's all about the texture and the grip, so i can actually do the work instead of chalking up all he time. New favorite toy, so many uses! They actually feel more like tire flipping then med balls.

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